About Us

About Goldbay

and Dave (aka mlgdave)

mlgdave blogI created Goldbay in 1999 in response to finding man-made or (fake gold nuggets) being sold on Ebay. I contacted Ebay and let them know what i found and their comment was “we aren’t actually part of the transaction so there’s not much we can do” I asked if it was okay to publish my findings on my own website? They replied “yes, however you are responsible for any fall out from my postings” I said “No problem!” and I registered a domain name “motherlodegold.com” and that evolved to Goldbay.com.

I am, now 17 years later, surrounded by amazing customers, incredible partners (people I work with) and an incredible future for where we are headed.

Goldbays Purpose:

  • To share information, knowledge and passion for one of mother nature’s most desirable and beautiful creations. We are where the gold rush never ends….. 

Goldbay’s Values:

  • There are no secrets in the gold industry, we do our best to answer your questions and educate you.
  • To pass on and share our knowledge to anyone who asks. 
  • To have people be good to each other, to have people empowered, respected and appreciated.
  • To create life long dreams of action and adventure, and teach people how to give back.
  • To provide value, quality and an extraordinary customer experience.
  • To operate with integrity, honor and fairness.
  • To bring people together and be heard. Nothing that is ever brought to us is wrong, it’s valid and we care.
  • To make a difference. We mean impacting the quality of life through experiences and communication.
  • To continue to develop our market and customer base so that Goldbay works with small businesses and individuals such that they realize fulfilling their dreams into reality.
  • To empower Veterans such that they are looked after and have the tools to deal with life after they have come back from deployment.
  • There is nothing so precious as to ignite a passion in a young person. We are out to positively impact young people in realizing their dreams.

Goldbay’s Mission:

  • To continue to expand and grow our operations nation wide, particularly in the dental refining division.
  • To continue to expand our online offerings and making it widely available to those who do not have easy access to high quality natural gold products and or raw gold the opportunity to get them at fair prices.
  • To offer more to small gold miners for their raw gold so that they can continue to flourish and operate, to support their needs and to train them on how to recover higher percentages of gold through technology. 
  • To pay you as much as possible for your scrap gold and coins. We know that sometimes you don’t “want” to sell your precious treasures, you “have” to, and we want to ensure you are getting the fairest value.
  • I panned my first pan of gold when I was 11. The moment I saw those 5 gold nuggets in that first pan my life was altered. My mission is to bring many thousands of kids into this wonderful hobby, and educate and mentor them.
  • I have been around the world looking for gold ever since. My mission is to share my stories in such a way that people get excited about gold, treasure hunting, the outdoors and conservation.
  • I have dredged, drywashed, metal detected, live in a tent for 4 months in California, lived in a swag in the Australian outback for 1 month (going to do that again)
  • Goldbay now provides full time income for nine families and we are expanding. We are committed to having 15 families provided for through employment or as a contractor by end of 2015, 50 by end of 2016, 300 by end of 2017
  • We plan to continue growth year after year and to provide more products and services at the best prices and impact the lives of as many people as we can.
  • Right now we provide scholarships for veterans to attend a course specifically designed to have them deal with what they have dealt with in a way that they know themselves to be whole, perfect, complete and an overall contribution to their society, families, communities and are looking to set up funds for them to be able to create their own businesses.