Gold Nuggets for Sale

Gold nuggets for sale online since 1999.

Gold Nuggets for Sale – Natural and raw gold nuggets for sale online since 1999. All sizes of gold nuggets for sale. Trusted gold nugget source for 18 yrs

In 1999 I discovered Ebay and saw that gold nuggets were being offered for sale. I was excited and bought my very first nugget online for $17 and thought I hit the jackpot……..and then the mail came. I opened the mail and when i saw the “$17 gold nugget I bought” I was disgusted, it was small, and no where worth the money I paid. I said to myself that day “Never again will I buy gold nuggets online, I am going to sell gold nuggets for a fair price and have people not get ripped off” and so Goldbay was born. I haven’t backed down from my original intention and in fact have continued to expand the gold nuggets I have for sale and continue to offer the best prices.

  • High quality gold nuggets for sale from around the world.
  • Our gold nuggets are 100% guaranteed to be genuine gold nugget and offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Gold nuggets for sale as individual gold nuggets and as well in popular gold nugget mesh sizes.
  • Bulk gold nuggets for sale in popular mesh sizes from #4 mesh down to #20 mesh gold.
  • Wholesale gold available in bulk to clubs, boy scouts, resellers and more
  • Our gold nuggets come from Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, Australia and more.
  • Buy Your gold nuggets online with confidence, we have thousands and thousands of happy customers over the past 18 years!

Gold Nugget Price Comparison

We are providing these links to the following pages which are on page 1 of Google and the prices they have for similar nuggets that we are offering on this page

  • Gold Nugget Sales – Similar size nuggets for $100.00 per gram (250% more than we charge)
  • Gold Rush Nuggets – Similar sizes (but different locales like AZ) $47.50 per gram (18% more than we charge)
  • Natural gold Nuggets – Similar size nuggets for $100.00 per gram (250% more than we charge)
  • Gold – Redirects you to Gold Nugget Sales and is $100.00 per gram ($3100.00 per Oz!)

Avoid Man Made Gold Nuggets (Fake Gold Nuggets)

To help you learn about what to look for when you are shopping for gold nuggets, and how to avoid buying fake or man-made gold nuggets. Check out THIS ARTICLE for that. And we also have THIS ARTICLE to explain the difference to you regarding gold nugget purity or gold karat (Gold nuggets are commonly measured as purity NOT karat)

We want your gold nugget buying experience to be hassle free and worry free. Goldbay is the place for raw and natural gold since 1999 – after all, we are “Where the gold rush never ends…”

We are one of the longest running sellers and buyers of natural gold nuggets. We have some of the highest quality and lowest prices gold nuggets for sale online or anywhere.