Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame

So we are “experts”! Ya right!! Here are some memorable wall of shame moments at Goldbay

Really? you can Burn Diamonds? Nahhhhhh

Owner and #1 Expert – Dave Varabioff

  • Year – 2010
  • Years of experience at that time – 11 years
  • Cost of screw up – $1800.00
  • What  the screw up was – When I first began refining gold I knew that you could “melt” stones out of the gold with a torch, what I didnt know was you had to treat the stones with Boric Acid first to prevent oxidation. 6 carats of princess cut diamonds “scorched by the torch”
  • What did I learn from this – I learned that “I am never too old or have too much knowledge to not listen to what someone has to say”

Dave Webb

“I am Sterling Man”, Na, Na, NanaNaaaaaa

Store Manager and #2 Expert – Dave Webb

  • Year – 2014
  • Years of experience at that time – 3 years
  • Cost of screw up – $1700.00
  • What the screw up was – I asked Dave to get rid of all the plated sterling platters, and one of them WAS NOT plated. He “got rid of” a Sterling Silver Platter that was worth just under $1700.00 at  the time
  • What did I learn from this – I learned that “I shouldn’t listen to the OTHER Dave”

Owner and #3 Expert – Dan Whitacre

Dan the Rolex Man

Dan the Rolex Man

  • Year – 2014
  • Years of experience at that time – 2 years
  • Cost of screw up – $500.00
  • What  the screw up was – I bought a “Rolex” watch band – White gold – Problem is it was a FAKE Rolex band and it was Stainless Steel
  • What did I learn from this – I learned that “Stainless steel and 18k gold react very similar to the test acids and I need to be a little more patient because eventually the Stainless will dissolve”
  • This is HALAIROUS! says:

    This is HALAIROUS

  • Trixie says:

    I learned that diamonds scorch when my house burned down-opened what was remaining of my jewelry box and discovered this fact! Also, opals and fire do NOT mix-the heat “melted” them to next to nothing. Very sad day indeed. 🙁

  • Rod says:

    I like honest people…now if I were only honest….???
    I could fill a page. U learn by ur mistakes!!! I hear ya guys

  • I don’t have a comment, but I do have a few short questions for you.

    Recently, I had ordered a 5# bag of your paydirt which you advertised to contain 7.75 grams of gold.

    I received this bag of paydirt today and I must say that it appears to be very clean and it is classified very nicely whereas this makes your paydirt to be very much unlike many of the other paydirts that I have purchased from other on-line sources in the recent past.

    My question for you today is that I would like for you to tell me what the karat designation is of the gold that has been provided in the 5# bag of paydirt that I have purchased from you ? Often times, most folks will state the karat value of the gold they provide in their paydirt and they will also state where the gold in their paydirt had been mined ~ such as specific regions, states and or territories where the gold they have added into their paydirt had been prospected, gathered, and or mined. If you had stated such, I apologize for having overlooked this fact, but my main concern is my wanting to know what the karat designation is of the gold that you place into your bags of paydirt, specifically, the 5# bag of paydirt that I recently purchased from you and had received today.

    Thank You for your time and with this message, I send you my Best Regards.
    ~ Harry D Comer~

  • mlgdave says:

    Hi Harry, thanks for your questions and comments, Karat values are for “man-made” or “jewelry” gold, the more accurate designation for raw gold is ‘purity’ or ‘fineness” (890 fine would be 89% pure), most of our paydirt comes from North Idaho, Eagle City, Murray, Pritchard etc and all those were famous gold mining districts in the late 1800’s (Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and Calamity Jane all spent time in the area). The gold from this area is typically .850 to .880 fine. Let us know how it turns out

  • Jay Saltzman says:


    I live in NY but do my panning in Vermont – past 15 + years.

    Every year my wife and myself fly out west and drive around for about 3 weeks – July/August. This year we flew into San Antonio, TX but flew back from San Francisco. Before San Francisco we went to Yosemite.

    I always pack my classifier, pan, etc. for panning. This year I stopped at the Mariposa information center to see if there was an area where I could do some panning (nice town/great ice cream shop). They had me going up on 49 until I got to the river – impossible access. Anyway, based on your e-mail note, looks like you’re in Mariposa. Wish I knew that at the time we were there.

    We will be going back to the area next year. Any suggestions on where to go? Maybe hook-up.

    Appreciate being on your mailing list. Thank you. Jay

  • Jay Saltzman says:


    Sorry. My comment was directed to you. Forgot to include your name.

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