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"In 1999 I discovered man-made gold nuggets being sold on Ebay. Ebay told me they were not part of the transaction so there is "nothing we can do about it". Goldbay was created as a way to ensure that consumers had access to 100% genuine gold nuggets and paydirt for sale risk and worry free. You can rest assured when you buy from me your purchase is 100% guaranteed." - Mlgdave

"Mlgdave" - Panning for gold

Say What? Paydirt for LESS THAN SPOT? And 100% Guaranteed?

1 and 3 gram bags are LESS THAN SPOT! (the gold will be up to #8 mesh). Customize your order by adding MORE and BIGGER gold!

$10,000 paydirt bucket

Is my paydirt for LESS than spot legit?

A few Q&A about my paydirt!

A video slide show of some big gold nuggets!

Another video slide show of some gold nuggets!

Goldbay Paydirt

With thousands of happy customers, 20 years in business, hundreds of 5 star reviews and a 100% Money back Guarantee and gold prices soaring can you afford to wait?

Gold Nuggets

I discovered man-made (fake) gold nuggets being sold on Ebay in 1999. I contacted them and they said "We can't do anything about that" So I did! I created Goldbay!

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