Paydirt and Gold Nuggets

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Why buy from Goldbay

More Gold

Every single day people tell me they get more gold from my paydirt compared to anyone else. Find out for yourself!

Gold nuggets for sale

Bigger Gold

Once people buy my paydirt they keep coming back, again and and again. One of the main reasons is the CHUNKIER gold!

Risk Free

There is ZERO risk when you buy anything from Goldbay. I have been offering 100% money back refund since 1999!

I've been selling paydirt and gold nuggets since 1999.

I take pride in having been in business now for over 22 years. I own and operate a hard rock gold mine in California and work with and finance 3 other placer mines in Idaho and Alaska. All the gold and paydirt I sell is guaranteed to be 100% natural and ethically mined using environmentally safe methods.

Ask about custom or bulk orders for paydirt and gold nuggets.

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“I promise you will be happy with every purchase and will make it right if you are not!”

Dave Varabioff