Why I started Goldbay

I was frustrated with there not being a reputable and reliable gold nugget and paydirt seller online. In 1999 I saw a need since Ebay wasn’t willing to stop fake gold nuggets from being sold to consumers. Goldbay was created to be able to provide what was missing. 21 years later I am still here and expect to be for another 21 years!

My Story

I found Ebay in 1999 and bought my very first gold nugget online for $17.00! I was so excited. 3 days later the mail came and when I opened the package I was so, so, so very disappointed. The seller had done a very good job and blew up the gold nugget with close up photography to make it look much larger than it was. In that moment I said to myself "Never again, and no one else will have to experience this for themselves." With that Goldbay was born.

My Motto

Whenever people order from me they will get the best products at the best price and if for any reason someone is unhappy with their purchase I will make it right or give a 100% refund. Since 1999 I have processed many tens of thousands of orders and only had to process 5 refunds 🙂

I am more than a little nuts when it comes to gold

Gold fever is REAL! I have it bad! I have had it since I was 11 years old and my dad took me gold panning for the very first time. In that very first pan ever there were 5 match head sized nuggets and my life was forever changed. I am here with a mission to pass on the fever!


Years in business. Est in 1999 and continue to expand and grow with new offerings.


Of Google and other reviews. I don't want you to just take my word for it, trust the reviews!


The most expensive bucket of paydirt ever sold on the internet (as far as I can tell) From $29 to $17,000 I have what you need!


A new price for gold in 2020, the experts expect it to go much higher. Buying paydirt is just converting wealth from paper to metal.

What you can count on

These are my promises to you.

Quality Products

With over 22 years of buying and selling online I have continually grown and expanded to offer what the CUSTOMERS (aka YOU) want. I am also able to provide custom products.

Fast Delivery

Mon-Fri if you place your order before 12 noon Pacific time your order will go out same day. Orders received after 12 pm go out next day. Orders on Sat-Sun go out on Mondays.

100% Guarantee

My return policy is 2nd to none in this industry. request a full refund for any reason on anything you buy from me and rest assured all your purchases are risk free..

For Orders & Inquiries Call or Text

+1 509-465-3229