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Mystery haunts Paradise Gold Nugget DaysDogtown gold nugget

Mystery haunts Paradise Gold Nugget Days By Verda Mackay, CorrespondentPosted: 04/15/15, 4:27 PM PDT |Paradise >> Spring is here and the golden days of summer will soon arrive. “Tales of Gold” await the crowds attending the many treasured events, which will take place on Paradise ridge April 23 through 26 during the 57th Gold Nugget Days.More than 150 years ago, on April 12, 1859, a 54-pound, 2-ounce gold nugget was found on Sawmill Peak near the little community called Dogtown. Labeled the Dogtown Nugget, it was sent to the San Francisco Mint, melted down to 49-and-a-half pounds and netted $10,690. It was the largest gold nugget ever found in North America.

Monster gold nugget unearthed in Butte foothills

Monster gold nugget unearthed in Butte foothills By Roger, @RogerAylworth on TwitterPosted: 12/31/69, 4:00 PM PST | Updated: on 10/21/2014PARADISE >> A dream by its nature is usually etherial and vaporous, but that is not the case for Bob Van Camp of Paradise.For Van Camp, at least, this one dream is 20141020__CER-L-MonsterNugget~1_GALLERY5.18 standard pounds of shimmering, nearly pure, California gold.Van Camp did not find the nugget, but within two hours of its discovery in July he was holding it in his hand.

A Fortune at the Top of the World Fortune at the Top of the World - The New Yorker I asked about his best day in the mines.Eight thousand dollars in a month, he told me, proudly but quietly.His best day?He calculated a moment. About three thousand, he said. "The price was high then."So had he found a single great chunk of gold, or a rare mass of flakes, on his one day a month of working for himself?Ilasaca shook his head. No. It was an ordinary day. He had pocketed a likely-looking rock, taken it to a traditional mill known as a quimbalete, and come away with a nugget that turned out to contain nearly a "hundred grams of gold”more than three ounces.I had heard similar things from other miners, and from a gold-shop owner who seemed nonplussed that I assumed he saw his customers only once a month. No, they came in when they found something, he said, which was often several times a week. Miners put good-looking rocks in their pockets every day. That was a part of the cachorreo that you didn't read about. Some people called it "huachaca”it was simply understood, among indigenous Andean miners, as a type of natural right. If you found it in the mountain, particularly after payments to Awicha or Chinchilico or a Quechua spirit called Apu, it was yours.

Anne Borg, grandmother in Australia, strikes gold Borg, grandmother in Australia, strikes gold - Anne Borg, an 81-year-old grandmother has struck gold on an isolated dirt track in Western Australia.Mrs Borg, of Maldon near Bendigo unearthed the 586.5g nugget just outside Kalgoorlie on her 81st birthday in 2013 and plans to sell it. The discovery was only revealed to the media today.The gold It could be worth about $80,000 which will be used to pay Mrs Borg's mortgage and update the caravan"I have been detecting (prospecting for gold) for about 10 years and it has made up for all the time I have gone detecting and found nothing"