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Which wire gold specimen is my fave?

I love the rare and beautiful gold from Liberty Washington. This is a short video showing 4 wire gold specimens. Can you tell which one is my favorite? Do you have a favorite? Keep watching for more videos! I recently found over 10,000 lost pictures of gold nuggets and rare crystallized specimens.

Which gold nugget is the biggest?

I am enjoying the fact that I have found over 10,000 pictures of gold nuggets that I thought I had lost forever! I am going to do a bunch of short little fun videos to share them with the world, I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Gold nugget pictures

Gold nugget pictures Check back often to see the latest and newest gold nugget pictures that I post on Instagram. If you prefer you can follow me there as well! I do daily content and I have over 10,000 gold pictures to share with the world 🙂

Less than spot paydirt

Less than spot paydirt video

Less than spot paydirt One of the questions people ask me is “What is the difference between your “Less than spot” paydirt and the “Chunkier” paydirt? This 30 second video shows you the differences which is really just the overall size of the gold you can expect in each bag.

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