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Colorado Quartz Mine

‚ÄčThe worlds finest crystallized gold

The Colorado quartz mine in central California is known for and recognized as one of the premier mines in the world for rare crystallized gold. In 2017 Tony Fraser and I purchased the mine from the previous owner and I packed up and or gave away most of my belongings and moved down here to work the mine full time. The first 18 months were pretty scarce as to gold findings with us finding 1 piece that was missed by the previous owners and then the "Super bowl pocket" in 2017 (found on Super bowl Sunday 2017). Never giving up hope we continued to dig and finally started getting into some gold specimens. I have created this page as a place for you to be able to buy the specimens directly or inquire about the ones that do not have a price. ALL purchases take a minimum of 3 days shipping as I have to run to Merced to the Bank to get them out of the safety deposit box.

Well crystallized gold specimen 6.25 grams

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There are some gold specimens that you just have to have in your hands before you can realize how incredibly beautiful they are. The specimen is super-well crystallized and very bright and lustrous. If this one appeals to you you should take a chance and buy it because as you know all of your purchases are 100% money back guaranteed so if you're not happy with it when you get it in your hand you can return it for a full refund. This is a world-class specimen
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