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  • Dave, how do you clean your gold. I have come to really like your gold that is shiny and clean better than the dirty stuff.
    Can you give me the details of how you do it?

  • Greg willis says:

    Where in the world are you located?

  • Jason says:

    Very pleased with the paydirt I purchased from you guys at Goldbay, it was a great experience as I will buy all my paydirt from you all from now on. Kids were excited that there was extra gold added.
    Thanks ,
    Jason Kelley

  • Happy but sad says:

    When I received my paydirt recently, it was wet and weighed less than 3#. I had to classify in water and really took a lot of enjoyment out of it. Is this typical of the paydirt? I’m not worried about how much dirt there is because the gold was as stated and right on the 1 gram mark, but I would like to purchase dry paydirt because I enjoy dry classification and panning a couple scoops at a time. My water didn’t even get dirty and I feel that adds a bit of realism to this hobby.

  • Martin Bowen says:

    Hi Dave,
    Just received my 18.79 gram Aussie nugget. It is incredible, and cost a lot less than flying to Australia to find one myself. Great price. Can you let me know when you get more 2-3 gram nuggets back in stock?
    I like piling those up also. Thanks again for the great deal.

  • Christopher Saucier says:

    Well I just got done with the panning and was it a treat to see all that Gold !!! I’m a very happy panner and will definitely purchase all my paydirt from you !!! Thanks for the 3.13g weigh in

  • brent.harkness16 says:

    I am the Vice President of the local GPAA club here in El Paso. We use the #18 mesh gold purchased from dealers whenever we can find a dealer that gives the best price. Is there anyway to possibly get a small break on maybe the shipping charge to help our club? I have an order of 7 grams pending. Our funds prevent me from ordering any more than that at this time.

  • brent.harkness16 says:

    Very happy with my first order of 2 grams of gold.

  • Chuck Sampson says:

    Dave, thank you so much. Happy you say…how bout extatic!! My first experience with nuggets. They just kept growing out of the cons. Needless to say I will be a constant customer.

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