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One of the key differences between Goldbay dental refiners and other refiners…

Other companies give you a “best guess” estimate.

Uncleaned Dental Scrap

We clean your scrap in house and give you and exact weight.

Cleaned Dental Scrap

Find out what thousands of other customers have. Up to 3 times higher payouts for yellow AND white (PFM’s) dental scrap.

Not only do we have a proprietary cleaning process that eliminates the guesswork at your office for all the non-precious contaminants but we also are a small local refinery.

With our onsite proprietary cleaning process we take out the guess work of the weight of your scrap. We clean and separate your alloys and pay for what you ACTUALLY have.

Our well trained buying staff are widely recognized as leaders in the field. With over 40 years of expertise backing them, we can service all your scrap and waste needs.

Find one of our reps in your area and give them a call for a no obligation purchasing quote. If there is no rep in your area you can call Jan the National Director (numbers below)

Jan McHenry

National Director

I am a Marine. I was a combat vet in Vietnam. Because of my service to my country and who I fought with I have a commitment to help my fellow veterans. I have created a program (Operation Veteran Freedom workshop) to impact veterans in living a life free from the ghost of their past. For 10 years I traveled the world leading programs to the public in altering what is possible for us as human beings. I am committed to all people having extraordinary lives.

I love spending time with my beautiful wife (see Wendy Jo below) and family. On weekends I can be found outside somewhere. My wife and I live on 80 acres with moose, deer, turkeys, bear and our dog, Quita. I can be reached via phone or text at 509-710-0843.

Wendy Jo McHenry

Eastern WA, Idaho, Western Montana Rep

I am a Colorado girl at heart. I love spending time in nature; hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, or sitting by our creek contemplating life. I am married to the most amazing man on the planet and there are literally thousands of people who would agree with me. (He’s the handsome guy above me who happens to love the Hobbit movies). What we love to do in life is make a difference for people. I lead seminars for people to empower them to live a life they really want and get outside their point of view to discover what’s really possible.

What I love most about working with Goldbay is that we all are people who participate in making the world a better place. We believe in contributing to life and that is why we work. And I love visiting our dental offices; especially the women. Oh, we get to talking and I get educated on hair color, nails, kids, weight loss and menopause. Oh, it’s a good time. Call me at 509-991-7500 and let us show you why we are different.

Peggy Mazzuca

I am your Seattle, Billings, and Marin area “Gold Lady”

Since 2012 I have been proud to grow my partnerships with dental teams in the greater Seattle area, as well as Billings MT and beautiful northern California. Our proprietary refining processes and local ownership reduces our overhead to nil while increasing our ability to make an impact on the planet in an environmentally positive way. I also donate a percentage of my proceeds to Operation Veteran Freedom workshop, a program for vets to live the life they deserve.My customers have found that I do in fact pay more than the other refiners they’ve used and routinely recommend me to their colleagues and even patients! Please call or text me any time for a free No Obligation quote, I look forward to earning your trust and your scrap business. Peg “That Gold Lady”

Call me for a quote or pickup 425-247-9257

Brenda Gilbert

Portland OR, Western Vancouver WA Representative

I am a mother, dancer, discoverer….and with Goldbay, I’m known as “The Gold Girl”. I love children, music, recycling, co-housing, and conversations that inspire. I really care about people. For the last 16-years I have practiced speech and language therapy with children in five states (Washington, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon). I live in Portland, Oregon and I celebrate rain! The top reasons I am passionate about my work with Goldbay:

  • I get to be of service to people.
  • I get to be generous.
  • I get to work with a team that cares how they impact others & the world.
  • I get to recycle metal.
  • I get to dress up.

I can be reached at 503-621-4242.

Lisa Hensley

Palm Springs and Area

I’m proudly the newest Gold Girl. Since I live in paradise, Palm Springs, California, I’ll be the most golden tanned girl too!

Besides enjoying pool time, I can be found playing or walking our newly rescued Australian Lab puppies, Stella and Foster or our beautiful fluff ball Maltese’s, Bruno and Bijou.

Once in a while I even squeeze in some time with my hubby of almost 25 years……but my new mission is to be YOUR GOLD GIRL.

I’d been looking for a company that had integrity and honesty, and finally found that company in Goldbay! In researching the company I found that they not only had a giving mission, but also a heart of gold – giving heart and soul to their Veterans program and helping those who have helped us all with our daily freedoms. Call me for your free estimate and together, we can all have hearts of gold! Lisa Hensley 760-668-7858.

Monika Find

British ColumbiaCanada

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to beautiful British Columbia. I now live in what they call the Village of Fruitvale in the southern interior of BC. I love being in the peace and solitude of nature, camping until the snow flies, watching birds and wildlife. My hubby and I have been together since 1994, and I have an adult son and daughter and a teenage granddaughter all of whom I love dearly! And then there’s my dogs Angel (Bichon Frise/Schitzu) and Zowie (Jack Russel/Chihuahu) whom I absolutely adore.I joined the Goldbay team because of their genuine caring about people and the world we live in and making a difference. It’s about doing the best we can for you and not about what you can do for us. I know when I walk into your office that you will get the best service and price for your metals, and I can walk out with a sense of contentment and joy. Call this “Gold Lady” in Canada @ 250-231-4466 for an estimate and I’ll show you the Goldbay difference

Linda and Rod Wittmier

W Washington (South Sound to Coastline) and Oregon Coast

Since 2017 Linda and Rod have been honored to work with dental offices in South Western Washington State and the Oregon Coast area. We passionately share the Goldbay Differences of transparency, integrity, best value and fun with every new dental team we meet.As an Army family and founders of the National Alliance To End Veteran Suicide we are the stand that together (with our dental offices) we Save The Lives of our Service Members, Veterans and their families. Our non-profit is proud that the Operation Veteran Freedom workshop (described above by Jan) is part of our Education focus area. Please share this FREE life altering workshop ( with Veterans and their families.We enjoy being with our grandkids, being at the beach and being together for life!We can be reached via phone or text at 360-209-2092 

Janell Wieder

Eastern Montana, Northern Minnesota, North Dakota

I grew up and spent 27 years in Northern Minnesota, so I call the Midwest “home.”I have been a dental professional for 24 years. With Goldbay, I get to mix my love of dental and visit my “Midwest home.”I live in Eastern Montana with my husband of 12 years. He is a teacher and a coach. We have 2 growing and energetic boys, now 8 and 10 years old. Our family enjoys spending time outside, traveling and basketball. I enjoy meeting new people and learning something from everyone. I am exited to share the Goldbay experience with my Midwest dental family! Call me 406-794-2638 and let me show you the Goldbay difference!

Sarah Hadaway-Seyler

San Diego Representative

Sarah Hadaway-Seyler is part of a team of San Diego sales reps. She grew up in San Diego as a third generation native (lucky girl), with her father practicing dentistry in Pacific Beach for over 35 years. The dentist office environment is a familiar setting where she feels quite at home! Sarah’s honesty, fun personality and camaraderie within the dentist world is a perfect fit for Goldbay. Sarah is currently living in Point Loma, San Diego raising her two daughters Charli and Olive. When Sarah’s not out visiting dental offices, she’s enjoying the ocean with her daughters, spending time with friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors. Call Sarah at 858-220-2410 for a quote.

Jonathan Williams

Kansas and Missouri

Proving you can take the boy out of Kansas, but you can’t take Kansas out of the boy, Jonathan has moved back to Kansas and his family roots after 25+ years of living away (mostly in Seattle, WA).

He is excited to be bringing the resources that we offer here at Goldbay to Kansas, Missouri, and the greater surrounding area, starting with our commitment to contribute to our community, especially our veterans. Jonathan is proud to donate a portion of business towards supporting our veterans who have served us. We partner directly with Operation: Veteran Freedom helping fund its operations and availability. Jonathan can be reached at 206-779-0938 and looks forward to supporting your business in making money AND a difference in the community!


Hello. My name is Val. I am a former employee at Grand Ave Dental Care in Billings, Mt. Tanner/Tripp. I am now working with Dr Jason Vaira, DMD. I saw a GoldBay jar in the cupboard. I was excited to see he uses you. He is a great guy. I was wondering when you are going to be in Billings next. I would like to get rid of some of my own suff I do not need or want anymore. I was thinkig we could meet for lunch or something next time you are in area. Also he has a smidgen of metals to get rid of too.Looking forward to meeting with you again, Oh, are you interested on old cell phones for the metals? Thank you.Val

We had tried 3 or 4 other dental refiners in the  past and were delighted to receive professional service and much higher payment than we had gotten in the past. After 15 years we are switching to “That Gold lady” (Goldbay)

Dr. Melaugh

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