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We have been buying and selling gold nuggets and paydirt online since 1999. 100% money back guarantee on ALL purchases.

Gold nuggets for sale. Buy natural gold nuggets or smaller screen gold in bulk. The gold nuggets I sell come from Alaska, California, Idaho and the Yukon.

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Why did I start Goldbay you ask?

People have asked me "what got you started and how are you here 19 years later?" Rather than type out a long "why I did" I did this "off the cuff" video in September of 2018 to share the story

Mlgdave, Author/Owner


Camo says...

I give the gold and paydirt from Goldbay  a big "High 4!"

If my dad (Mlgdave) sends you gold or paydirt you don't like he will "be in the doghouse"

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I have been a Goldbay customer for Approx 4 years, and I am ALWAYS Very Satisfied Yes!!!!!

I always recommend people to Goldbay whether its to Buy or to Sell!!!!!!

My job is Auto Wrecker and Gold Mining!!!!!

Sam Price

I have been a Goldbay customer for Three years and I am always satisfied with Goldbay

Absolutely recommend people to come here for the best deals on gold and paydirt

I am Retired and a part time prospector

Steven saenz

I have been a goldbay customer Since the beginning in 1999 and I am always 💯 satisfied with gold and paydirt

Have told all my friends for many n many yrs Dave 💯 honestly just good ole boy that honest⛏💰

I am a Master Painter/Miner

Charles fox pharis the 3rd

I have been a customer for a Few years and I am absolutely satisfied with the gold and paydirt

I recommend Goldbay to friends and I LOVE the specimen gold i have bought from you. Wire and Blewett wire etc..

I am a Public works / parks maintenance worker for the city of Woodinville

Dave Frickelton

I have been a Goldbay customer for 14 months and I am addicted REALLY bad.

I tell all me friends to come here for fair and honest gold deals, I have never disappointed

I am a General building contractor

Kelly Nixon

Spokane WA and Mariposa CA but really nationwide and worldwide!

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