How to test if gold is real

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How to test if gold is real

How to test if gold is real

How to test if gold is real

How to test if gold is real. One of the most asked questions by people is, “Is my gold real? This article is so you can learn how to test if gold is real. This article will only cover gold in quartz, gold nuggets and other raw forms of gold. Most people come in and say “I looked it up, and Im SURE its gold”, or “My friend told me it was gold” and 99/100 we have to say “Sorry, but thats iron pyrite, and it MIGHT have gold in it, but the shiny stuff you see is not gold” 🙁

So lets start with the first part of the test that a lot of people overlook, and that test is the eyeball test. Does what you’re looking at actually look like gold? Or is it sparkly and the grayish or silver in color? Natural gold, looks like gold, it looks like jewelry, it’s a buttery yellow color, and it’s “soft looking”. If you look at this picture you will see a gold ring next a couple of different kinds of gold naturally occurring in their rock. I am using a light source to show the difference between Gold which shines and pyrite which sparkles. You will distinctly see the gold looks like gold, and the pyrite does not.

If you look closely you will also notice that the large rock that the gold ring, gold nugget and gold rock are sitting on has very sharp, fractured and angular shape. The gold however is smoother and rounded off.

Another test you can use thats quite simple is to break off a small chunk of what you think is gold and then hit it with a hammer, does it crumble and turn to test golddust or does it flatten out? If it crumbles its pyrite, if it flattens out it very well could be gold and warrants further testing! (Pyrite can also contain gold so don’t discount that you may have gold, but it is typically a very small percentage of the sample and takes crushing, roasting and smelting the product to remove the gold and it generally takes truckloads to make it worthwhile)

There are of course some exceptions to the rule and you can find some crystallized gold in cubic shapes that will have a greyish tint to them, and of course chalcopyrite has a yellower tint to it than iron pyrite. Iron pyrite is more common and is also referred to as “fools gold”. If you have any questions “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we are willing to look at pictures of any samples you have and give you some input as to what you may want to do next. You can comment in the box below, find us on Facebook or call us 509-Goldbay (509-465-3229)

Feel free to share this article, happy hunting!

  • Domino says:

    Nice read’

  • Betty says:

    Thats nice one. And how can i test the gold dust if its real.

    • To tell if gold dust is real theres a lot of things you can do, easiest is try “pan” it, it should be the LAST thing in your pan to come out and or move around when you swirl the water 🙂

  • Harold says:

    Nice and informative,thank you… I have this rock,took it to a jeweler,,before I could hand it to him for testing, he immediately said, “its metal”!!!!! Just by looking at it, and brushed me out of his place of business, I took me 40 mins to get to that place, went to another jeweler store he tested it,and said it test as gold, but it is some type of metal,it does not stick to a magnet it is soft and heavy,I don’t what it is and if I clean it,it will shine…bright, like silver or platinum

  • Del lumampao says:

    Thanks so informative . I am collecting stones that is shinny ,some have white spots, one looked like diamond its clear ,see through ,nice one. Some are buttery ,yellowish, what is that round greyish ,white mixture of stone so shinny has cubic structure..
    Is it platinum?



  • Scott says:

    We have found rock that looks like platinum. How can we test it at home? Thanks, Scott

  • Bankole says:

    When a gold bar is cut is cut using any cutting materials can it have cracks

  • Christine Willie says:

    Do you know of any visual references to gold in other types of rock than quartz ?

  • Kim says:

    We found a rock that looks like real gold how do
    We test it

  • How did I send a pic to you. I found a solid looking nugget today on a construction site. There is NO gray to it. I’d like to send you a pic. Please let me know how.

  • Britton Webb says:

    I have a rock that looks like it may be gold or silver or possibly pyrite after reading this post. I would love to send a picture and find out more. If you could contact me via email I would greatly appreciate it.


  • judy ciavatta says:

    I have gold colored dust I found in an old metal can that my grandparents had. I am not able to determine if it is gold dust. It is too fine to hit with a hammer. What else can I try to see if it is real or fake?
    Thank you for your time
    Judy Ciavatta

  • Joel Stegner says:

    I have a nugget that looks like gold but a magnet wont stick to it and my ohm meter says it’s gold.I live in a small town with one jewelry store in it and they didn’t have the proper equipment to test it and they told me it was Fool’s Gold so if it is why doesn’t a magnet stick to it and why does my meter go crazy ?

  • Larry Potts says:

    I was told through research that Iron Pyrite will be affected by a magnet. Is this true since iron is attrached to a magnet.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi I have a gold nugget I don’t know if its real I broke a bit of and hit it with a hammer and it flatten out perfect

  • Edward Moorhead says:

    I found this rock and i think it is gold

  • I have some pics I would really appreciate your feedback back so much.were to send them….. thank you! Phillip palomino

  • My wife found a rock that has what I think may be pyrite but want to make sure.

  • Lyle says:

    I was told this is gold can I send a picture?

  • lnewman says:

    I have picture I would like to you look at as it has a smooth gold line running through the round soft ball size ‘stone’.

    Laurel Curry

  • tracy kennedy says:

    Hi I found a rock and it has gold chips around it it also looks like it has some rust color on one side of it.The rock seems to be a bit heavy ,how can I tell if its gold?

  • Sue Fullmer says:

    Hard rock with pink veins and big clumps of the pink. Rocks with green.? Thank you so much,its hard to find someone that will teach a bunch of kindergarten “ROCKIES”. ☺

    • Mlgdave says:

      Serpentine is green and contains gold sometimes, quartz does as well, but gold is interesting in that it can be found in many different geological formations. Sometimes visible to the eye, sometimes not.

  • tunji says:

    We borehole drillers come in contact with different geological formation out of which could be Gold ore but we need. The simplest approach to identify them.

  • Viola giles says:

    Hi I have this charm and I was wondering if it has real gold on it. Please get in contact wit me whenever you get a chance and I’ll send you a picture of the charm

  • Vicki says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this sight. I have a rock that is filled with small crumbs and flakes of what appears to be gold. Where can I send a picture of my beautiful rock.

  • Jessie says:

    Can I send some picture for you to scan with your eyes? Thanks!!

  • Larry miller says:

    I think I have discovered a honey hole and I am unsure of what to do next.
    I stumbled across a small, dug out ‘cave’ full of what I believe to be calcite crystals. Upon further digging inside the cave, I came across some rocks with a gold tint to them, I cleaned them off and I’m unsure of what to do next? This is an area in Jefferson county MO. No mans land so to speak, I don’t know if it is private property or park property. I just know the terrain is very difficult to walk through.
    What should I do next? Please help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you and have a good day

    • Mlgdave says:

      Hey Larry, AWESOME! Gold can in fact be attached to calcite, however “a gold tint” would typically just be the color of the calcite itself. Can you see any distinctly metallic spots?

  • Ty Phillips says:

    I have tons (literally) of gold ore, I think, and also tons of milky quartz that I believe has gold in them as well. Can you look at some pictures and give me some ideas of what it actually is?

  • Terri tuminello says:

    I found a big rock with my metal detecter in a creek took it home chiped some pieces off every piece has little gold granuals clusterd together want to split it open does it always have to be a vein or can it be gold dust who i take it to to have it looked at i was told it also had.garnet in it a friend from work looked at it

    • Mlgdave says:

      Would need a picture, but sounds more like granite or pyrite. You NEVER want to break a rock down that has gold in it until you see if its worth more as a rock specimen or if its got no value beyond gold value

  • Melissa Duran says:

    I have some gold flakes and would like to know if its real. Can you you take a look and tell if its real? We found it in a old box. Thanks!

  • Justin C. says:

    I was on a pipeline job in Morenci , Arizona where the largest Copper mine in the United States is. Any how I would fish on my own time weekends after work etc., I stumbled across this rock what I believe to be gold , the gold is mixed in with quartz and some orange looking rock. I’ve done the acid test put it and it passed that. I need somebody that knows more than I do. Will you take a look at some pictures please.

  • Bob says:

    Was in NM last year and came across a rock with what looks like it has gold in it. I don’t ant to waste my time if it’s not real. Read that you can tell if real or not from a picture.

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