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Huge gold nugget found worth $896,000

On October 25th, on YouTube, there was a video posted about a huge gold nugget found in Ohio that was worth $896,000. I watched that video numerous times and have come up with some observations that I want to point out and then it's up to you to determine, based on your research and my observations, as to what you think about this gold nugget. 

The above video is the original video that was posted. There are a couple of things regarding the title and the description that I want to bring up. First of all, it says a 40 pound gold nugget, worth $896,000 and according to my math thats not accurate. What I'm thinking is that he's using 16 ounces to the pound and using 28.3 grams rather than 31.1 grams. If it's 40 Troy pounds, it would be worth $720,000. Another thing that is mentioned in the description in the video is that it was found 4 feet straight down visible in the water. There's something about that just doesn't fly. Gold is 19.3 times heavier than water and usually the heaviest thing in any streambed or waterway and it is usually never visible because it is covered by gravel and mud given its weight. Gold nuggets never sit just on top of whatever the bottom of the streambed is unless it's bedrock. The last thing I will say about this video is that, if you look closely at some of the pictures I post below, you will see where I point out the little pinholes, dimples and porosity in the metal. For anyone that knows about melting gold, when you melt gold, there is never ever ever any holes in it due to the oxygenation. He states that he thinks this is a volcanically formed nugget. If a volcano could even form and create a gold nugget. it would never have pinholes in it. Volcanoes simply do not form gold nuggets EVER.

This picture shows the "porosity". Porosity: the quality of being porous, or full of tiny holes.

porosity in gold nugget

This next picture shows a very smooth surface water worn gold nugget. The thing to point out here, is that there is an area of real roughness as though it is spray painted gold sand. In all my years I have never seen a gold nugget that is smooth all over and then has a rough sandy texture that did not get worn smooth :-)

This next photo just shows porosity ALL over the gold nugget. Nature simply CANNOT do this, if you know how gold is formed.

The very very last comment I want to make about this video (and then you can respond below with what your thoughts are since he turned commenting off on his video) is that he claims the gold nugget is 40 pounds. He is able to move that container without much effort and, I don't know about you, but if I had 40 pounds in a small bucket like that, it would be quite difficult to turn with one hand. If you don't believe me, fill up a 5 gallon bucket with dirt, and try and turn it :-)