Owning the Colorado Quartz Gold Mine

a couple of years ago

I now own the Colorado Quartz gold mine

In an odd and unexpected way I am now one of the owners of a very famous mine in Mariposa California. The Colorado Quartz mine is a rare gold and gold crystal specimen mine. There is a lot of historical data on this mine and is most famous for producing “The Dragon” Gold specimen in 1998. I am currently working about 20 feet from where it was found and looking for my own “Dragon”

I have created a website specifically dedicated to  the mine and you can find that here, http://www.coloradoquartzmine.com

  • Congrats, Dave. Sounds like a great adventure. best of luck.

  • lyla tracy says:

    Glad to hear that the Colorado Quartz mine is working again, it has always been one of my favorites for beautiful crystallized gold. If you are interested, I frequently give MSHA u.g. and surface classes at my residence near Grass Valley. Good Luck, Lyla

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Its great to see old gold mines become active again. Its part of California’s history. It would be fun to see an active mine in person.

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