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Paydirt for sale online since 1999. 

Paydirt for sale

There are so many paydirt sellers now that it’s hard to decide who to buy from. Are you getting good value paydirt? Does the paydirt seller offer a money back guarantee? Are you looking for paydirt for sale with a high ROI?  Paydirt has been for sale online for about 19 years now and become even more popular over the past few years. There is NO ONE who has been selling online longer than us (do some fact checking!)
So to make it easier for you to decide who to buy from I am listing some other Paydirt sellers below.

Other Sellers

  • Dirt Hogg  (amount of gold in bag is noted so you can easily calculate value – $89.00 per gram on Jan 15/15)
  • Felix Gourmet   (No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Gold Getters  (No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Eureka Joe’s (Paid Google Ad and No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Ebay (Due to Ebay fees Paydirts are typically higher cost (I sell on Ebay but my prices are MUCH higher there than on this site)
  • Gold Rush Trading Post  (Basically just Eureka Joe’s Paydirt and no way to determine value)
  • Lynch Mining – One of the newer and more popular sellers of Paydirt (their prices are about 10% higher than ours)

Goldbay Paydirt starts at $46.59 per gram (and it goes lower from there with larger bags)


100-percent-satisfaction-guaranteed.pngOur Paydirt gold concentrates come from the Colorado Quartz mine in California. We use tailings from this hard rock mine and add gold to ensure you get the guaranteed amount of gold. There is also random smaller gold specimens possible from the tailings.

We want everyone to have fun, sample our various paydirt and leave us comments and reviews. If you are thrilled and delighted tell your friends, if you are not thrilled and delighted we want you to tell us so we can give you a full refund if you decide to return your paydirt for ANY reason 🙂 You will not find a better value for your money, we guarantee it!

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