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Paydirt for sale – Paydirt Comparisons

Paydirt for sale online has so many sellers now that its hard to decide who to buy from. Are you getting good value paydirt? Does the paydirt seller offer a money back guarantee? Are you looking for paydirt for sale with a high ROI?  Paydirt has been for sale online for about 19 years now and become even more popular over the past few years. There is NO ONE who has been selling paydirt longer than us (do some fact checking!)
So “Who has paydirt for sale, and who do I buy my gold paydirt from”? To make it easier for you to make that decision I am listing all these Paydirt sellers below.

Other Paydirt Sellers

  • Dirt Hogg  (amount of gold in bag is noted so you can easily calculate value – $89.00 per gram on Jan 15/15)
  • Felix Gourmet   (No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Gold Getters  (No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Eureka Joe’s (Paid Google Ad and No mention of gold content – no way to determine value)
  • Ebay (Due to Ebay fees Paydirts are typically higher cost (I sell on Ebay but my prices are MUCH higher there than on this site)
  • Gold Rush Trading Post  (Basically just Eureka Joe’s Paydirt and no way to determine value)
  • Lynch Mining – One of the newer and more popular sellers of Paydirt (their prices are about 10% higher than ours)

Goldbay Paydirt starts at $46.59 per gram (and it goes lower from there with larger bags)


100-percent-satisfaction-guaranteed.pngOur Paydirt gold concentrates come from the Colorado Quartz mine in California. We use tailings from this hard rock mine and add gold to ensure you get the guaranteed amount of gold. There is also random smaller gold specimens possible from the tailings.

We want everyone to have fun, sample various paydirts and leave us comments and reviews. If you are thrilled and delighted tell your friends, if you are not thrilled and delighted we want you to tell us so we can give you a full refund if you decide to return your paydirt for ANY reason 🙂 You will not find a better value for your money, we guarantee it!

  • Matt culver says:

    Your paydirt is great for gold content for price by far one of the best But a reason I buy dirt is for the chance of finding something amazing in it like out in the field when you finally find that nugget one of my favorites Is Gino at eurekagoldsands yes you pay more per gram but you have the chance of getting more in gold than you paid and big nuggets,crystalline gold and Platinum!! One of my favorites another good place to buy from is they use a half seeded half unsearched method and I hbe come out on too every time I have ordered from them.

  • I think giving pay dirt as a gift is an awesome idea. It is a gift that can lead to a lifelong hobby and future as a successful gold prospector.

  • joe says:

    Hello to all you Goldbay customers and those that are thinking about buying paydirt, gold, silver or coins from Goldbay. IV been only prospecting for about two years and have purchased paydirt from many sellers but when I found Goldbay it was my last stop! Great color in my paydirt, which was the amount I was told if not more, 100% guarantee if not satisfied ( which I have always been). You can trade in your small nuggets and pickers for bigger ones..very low shipping. And a awesome variety of paydirt, gold, Silver and coins to choose from. I don’t know Dave and have never been to the store ( but someday will visit) but he has been honest and fair with me!!!!! It has been great doing business with him and I will continue to do so!!!!
    Thank you Joseph

  • David/Florida says:

    Not many gold chances here in Fl. Got the 3# bag and got 1.5 gr. as advertised. Nice, easy pay to pan. No real fine stuff. Will probably order again.

    • Mlgdave says:

      Glad you liked it and we do have “Nome Alaska” Paydirt of you want tough stuff!

      • Don pierce says:

        By far the best deal on gold and paydirt i tried several diffrent bags of dirt and had fun but the gold in these bags are addicting big gold thanks dave for giving a awesome fair deal…

  • Carley Snalam says:

    Hi there I’m just wondering if you ship to New Zealand. I’d love to get some pay dirt for my partner for his birthday.

  • Alen says:

    First time buyer,So many good things I herd about goldbay I just can’t wait to try,I’m looking for something and someone I can trust to be my full time seller

  • Freezecat says:

    I bought the 5lb with 3 grams with 2 grams added, and ended up with a little over 5 grams, I am a very happy and satisfied customer, Goldbay is by far the best paydirt in my opinion. It’s fun!

  • Bud G. says:

    Great gold every time you place an order! One of my favorite gold sources!!!!

  • Dan l Duncan says:

    This paydirt was the best roi and the funnist ive done to date gonna buy some more

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