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Worlds rarest paydirt - Colorado Quartz gold mine

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I am offering this ultra-rare and exclusive paydirt from the Colorado courts gold mine in Mariposa California. As you may or may not know I bought this gold mine this year 2017 with my partner Tony Fraser from Australia. This gold mine has been around since the 1850s and has a long history as having produced some of the nicest gold specimens and rare crystallized gold world class pieces. "The Dragon" and the "Bristlecone Pine" are two of the more famous gold pieces as well as the "Pocket Piece", and we are now working the tailings of this mine to produce this very rare and limited supply gold paydirt. We are using a sluice box to concentrate areas of the tailings pile that was stockpiled for future processing that never did get done and instead we are now making these available to you in 3 different sizes. I cannot guarantee the amount of gold that you will get in these paydirt bags but I will guarantee you will get loose gold as well as gold on matrix of quartz or shale so you will want to be very very careful when you're washing does paydirt and check every rock for instances of gold. The gold will be crystallized and crystalline and nature. While I cannot guarantee the amount of gold you will get I will of course guarantee your satisfaction or your money back as I always do with every purchase from Goldbay. This paydirt will not be offered for sale anywhere else except on Facebook in my Motherlodegold group

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I was frustrated with there not being a reputable and reliable gold nugget and paydirt seller online. In 1999 I saw a need since Ebay wasn't willing to stop fake gold nuggets from being sold to consumers. Goldbay was created to be able to provide what was missing. 19 years later we are still going strong

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I know that there are times when Dave gets too busy and "drops the ball" with getting orders out and answering questions. I have taken over as the Customer Relations and complaint department. Feel free to hit me up in the chat app and I will make sure we handle your issues as fast as we can!

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