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3.1 grams of #6 mesh gold nuggets for $4.67? 1 gram paydirt for $2.95? SERIOUSLY?

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Joe Thibodeaux
Ronald McCoy
Charles fox pharis the 3rd
Erik Dominguez
Sam Price
Mark Edwards
Christa Bouchie
Steven saenz
Ryan McGee
Larry d Sheller
Nick godfrey
James walker
Chris Eneim
Kelly Nixon
Dave Frickelton
Mike Flinsenberg

I have not but have heard great things. Looking to buy some paydirt.

Have not purchased anything yet.

Yes I Will recommend friends

Great website.

Retired Construction Mechanic Navy Chief USN Seabees

Approximately 1 year since I found Goldbay

Very satisfied with the gold and paydirt

I often do recommend people to Goldbay. YES

Never no issues ordering from Goldbay’ except the ones I create by being computer illiterate, I just call up and always felt with right away. Nice being able to do that. Good gold good customer service!

Retired! Prospector hobbiest now! 😂

I have been a goldbay customer Since the beginning in 1999

Always 💯 satisfied with gold and paydirt

Have told all my friends for many n many of yrs

Dave 💯 honestly just good ole boy that honest⛏💰

Master Painter/Miner

I have been a Goldbay customer for over a week now! (Nov 16/2017)

Yes I am satisified with Goldbay products

Most likely would recommend Goldbay to friends

If I can be notified of deals that randomly happen that would be nice.

I’m the Army. Been in 18 yrs and 10 months. Looking to retire soon but love gold and silver.

I have been a Goldbay customer for Approx 4 years

Very Satisfied Yes!!!!!

Always recommend people to Goldbay whether its to Buy or to Sell!!!!!!

Nothing but 100% From Dave

Auto Wrecker and Gold Mining!!!!!

Few years ago I bought paydirt

Very much satisfied with Goldbay and have shared ur site

Yes I share Goldbay with friends

Goldbay is fair, always been fair got my first silver oz from u in Monroe Washington few year ago. Hoping to make it this year & will u be there

Hang drywall for 35 years home get both wrist fixed now cant even use a pan yet but soon hoping get out and dig before other wrist gets fixed

I have been a Goldbay customer for a few months

Tried some paydirt with a friend and it was awesome

Yes I definitely will recommend Goldbay

Happy thanksgiving

I am a small scale miner and teacher

I have been a Goldbay customer for Three years

Yes I am always satisfied with Goldbay

Absolutely recommend people to come here

Best deals on gold and paydirt

Retired and a part time prospector

I have been a Goldbay customer 3 months

Definitely love the gold!

Already have recommended Goldbay to several of my friends

Great gold and always the best value

I own a granite and marble counter top company. Been doing it for 31 years

I have been a Goldbay customer for A While.

Yes I am satisfied with the products from goldbay

I actually have referred you to at 3 people personally, and on Facebook I refer you.

If you ever want/need a helper, pick swinger, digger let me know, lol. We love seeing your gold, and adventures on facebook .

Im a cabinet builder, gardner but currently in between jobs. I bought claims that i recreationally mine up here in Oregon (eastern), only because i cant afford to" get bigger", yet. And the fact i live in Oregon city (Portland area, 6 hours away from my claims).

I have been a Goldbay customer for a little over 3 years

Yes I have loved the gold I have received

Absolutley recommend Goldbay to friends

I appreciate the honensty from Dave and all the information

I am a Truck Driver deliver freight from coast to coast

Since we met a couple years back! I introduced you to an awesome morel Hill back in the Hunters hills.

The dealings I've had with both shops has been great.

I do recommend people and Bring em in personally!

Goldbay rocks.

This& that

I have been a customer for 1 week (nov 17th/2017)

Yes very satisfied with Goldbay

Already do 🤙🤙🤙🤙 recommend people to come here

Keep smiling Dave your energy is positive and contagious 👍


I h ave been a Goldbay customer for 5 months

Yes I am very satisfied

Yes, already have recommended friends to come here

Fair and honest, have never disappointed

General building contractor

I have been a customer for a Few years

Yes I am absolutely satisfied with the gold and paydirt

Yes I do recommend Goldbay to friends

Love the specimen gold i have bought from you. Wire and Blewett wire etc..

Public works / parks maintenance worker for the city of Woodinville

Haven't made purchase as of yet but looking to start hobby collecting nuggets. Super excited to get that first nugget!

Satisfied with what I've seen.

For sure I will recommend friends to Goldbay

I have the gold fever! Show me the money.

I am a Licensed Electrician, currently working and living in the Yukon.

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