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Goldbay – Where the Gold Rush never ends….Since 1999

Goldbay was started in response to man-made gold nuggets being discovered by Dave on Ebay. He started his own gold nugget auction website and started selling natural gold specimens and gold nuggets online and at shows around the pacific northwest. Goldbay is now known for the sale of gold nuggets and paydirt online as well as rare and harder to find gold specimens. Goldbay has 3 brick and mortar storefronts in Spokane Wa and also deals in scrap gold, gold and silver coins and jewelry, dental gold and more. Goldbay is BBB Accreditted A+ and is proud to be in its 15th year of business

Sell Gold Spokane

Sell gold in Spokane. We buy scrap gold, old gold, gold teeth, jewelry coins and more. We are a local Spokane gold buyer and have been in in business since 1999. Our customers tell us we are fast, friendly, professional and pay consistently higher prices. If we dont earn your trust and offer you more then we don’t deserve your business.

  • 4201 N Division St, Spokane, 99207
  • (509) Goldbay or (509) 465-3229
  • Call for free easy to understand phone quotes or drop in

 Visit our Online Gold Store

We have gold nuggets and gold paydirt for sale online. We have been buying and selling gold since 1999 and are proud to be one of the premier websites for natural gold nuggets and natural gold products. We are also now expanding into gold and silver bullion and rare coins. 



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What is Mesh Gold?

What does the term mesh gold mean? Mesh gold, or screen gold is the term used for gold that is sized by sifting it through screens that have a certain amount of holes per inch. #4 mesh is the biggest gold that is typicaly sold by mesh size and #4 mesh gold sits ON TOP of the openings. Anything that falls through the #4 screen will be #6 and smaller on down to the smallest size we offer which is #30 mesh. The sizes we stock are #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18-20 Mix, #30

How to buy gold nuggets online

Buying gold nuggets online can be exciting or scary, you want to buy gold nuggets and dont know much about that. This article is to help you buy gold in the form of gold nuggets or gold specimens and beBeautiful Gold Nugget satisfied with your choice. Gold is a metal found in nature in 2 forms, metallic and sulphide (or chemically bonded to other materials), in its metal form its found as nuggets or specimens and is visible to the naked eye and can be panned, sluiced, metal detected, dry washed and is the type of gold that is sought after by recreational prospectors and hobbyists and larger mining companies. Gold in its chemical form is more often sought after by larger mining companies that have large budgets to do exploration work via drilling programs, 3D mapping, magnetometers etc, not to say that a recreational prospector cant find gold in this form but its less likely. Experts say that only 5% of the earth reserves of gold have ever been found 
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