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  • Goldbay - Who we are and what we do

  • We have been specializing in selling natural gold nuggets, rare gold specimens and paydirt gold concentrates online since 1999. We offer high quality gold at incredible prices. Check out our Online Store

  • Gold Buyers - We Buy Gold - Jewelry - Dental and more

    We have been buying gold since 1999. We specialize in raw gold, mining concentrates, scrap gold, old jewelry and dental gold. We are a small local refinery and are able to pay more, locally in Spokane or Online

  • Gold Prospecting - Find Gold! How to? - Where to?

    Dave panned his first pan of gold when he was 11 years old and since that day has been chasing gold ever since. We are committed to the small gold miners and recreational prospecting industry. We are out to educate people on how to identify gold, find gold, buy equipment and more.

  • We buy and sell silver and gold bullion and coins

    We have been buying and selling silver and gold bullion from our Division street store for 3 years, its our newest and most prominent location and we have been told the best prices around

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  • Why buy Paydirt from Goldbay?

  • Why do business with Goldbay?

  • We are experts at what we do. We make sure that you are well educated before any money or product changes hands. We are transparent in what we pay for scrap and what we charge for our gold and silver. .

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  • We promise to pay more for your scrap gold or silver than any other written quote you get. We give you SPOT + $0.25 for silver bullion and we only charge SPOT + $1.50 when you buy silver bullion.

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    Cash for Gold Spokane

    We do random monthly giveaways, all you have to do is Enter by filling out your name and Email address! Up to 3 chances to win!