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    We have a new site setup specifically for our LIVE Auctions. First Auction is Saturday Dec 20th, 1PM. Register on the new site and we will send out updates on how to use the online live listening and bidding app.


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    Goldbay - Its not what we say.....its what we pay! If we don't pay you the most for your gold or silver, we don't deserve your business

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  • We offer dental refining services and have a knowledgable and friendly staff who work directly with dental offices and process your materials on site for fast and accurate quotes. We have reps servicing dental offices and labs all the way from San Diego, north to the Canadian border in Bellingham WA and everywhere in between as well as Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and some parts of Colorado. Click on the button below to take you to our dental page and find your local area rep

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  • Gold and Silver Refining

    We offer full refining services for gold scrap, dental gold and PFM's, silver scrap, sterling silver and mine concentrates and ores. Our gold and dental scrap refining process is done using the wet chemical process to produce 99.99% pure gold. We refine silver using a series of 8 electroplating cells and produce silver that is 99.999% pure. We have over 50 years combined experience in precious metal refining and processing. Our founder Dave has even been on a reality TV show called Meltdown on NatGeo TV

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